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Denel Cherry

Co-Host of the Podcast

Jenny Day

Co-Host of the Podcast

Kenny Steinbauer

Producer of the Podcast

I was directed here from either Wine & Crime or My Fave Murder - can’t remember. But either way, I am SO HAPPY. I have been listened a few weeks and am nearly caught up. Their conversation is natural and fun, you can tell it’s 2 friends having easy conversations. It isn’t cheesy or scripted. It gives me my true crime fix, but always has a positive ending!! Hence the sip SURVIVE title. I love love true crime but sometimes the stories really hit hard. This podcast always ends on a happy note and that is so wonderful to listen to. I truly love this podcast and have recommended to many friends already!

by Hannah is bored 

i love the survival stories! this is definitely one of my favorite podcasts. jenny and denel have the funniest conversations and often have me laughing out loud! thanks for filling this podcast niche!

by webbmc756 

Tune into your newest podcast obsession...SSR!

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It's like your true crime obsession...but with a happier ending.

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